Awakening : Part 3

Adrian took Anglea to her ward and told her to have a good night’s sleep. Dr. Adrian left the ward, but Angela was not able to sleep in this darkness. The hospital was so quiet and creepy. Angela felt that there was something wrong in the hospital. She walked towards the window and opened it to look around. There was nothing around except a huge dark forest. Angela was wondering why would there be a hospital located in this kind of area where there was nobody around.

Angela had so many questions in her head, and she was pissed that she does not remember what had happened to her. And what brought her in that creepy abandoned hospital. Angela decided to go out of her ward and check out. She went out of her ward and kept walking to find some office. There was some work was going on in the hospital. They were some new patients and new cases. Most of the patients were accident victims.

Anglea succeed to find the archive room where all the old records were being kept. She looked through a lot of files and all of them were forty years old. The hospital served people around forty years ago and because of a fire broke down since then anybody who has an accident near the area was being brought to that hospital. The hospital and area around was haunted.

The End

Awakening : Part 2

The hospital was dark as there was electricity, and the place was very quiet as all the patients were asleep. Angela got up from her bed and started to walk to go out of the ward. She has no memory of what had happened to her and she looking around.

Angela was wondering about how old was the building. She kept walking until she reached the hospital reception and there was nobody there.

She was about to start to look at the papers on the reception when she heard the sound of a thud. She turned around but there was nobody. And when she turned around again, it was Dr. Adrian.

“Miss, Angela.”

“Who are you?”

“I am your doctor, my dear.”

“What happened to me and where am I? Why there is nobody in here?”

“Relax, my dear. Come with me in my office.”

Adrian took Angela to his office and told her to sit down and to be relaxed.

“What is this place?”

“One of the staff has found in the jungle injured and brought you here.”

“I do not remember anything, and I do not remember what had happened?”

“Listen to me miss, Angela.”

“How do you know my name is Angela?”

“We knew that from your ID card which was inside your pocket.”

“For how long I have been here?”

“You have been in a coma for the last ten days.”

Adrian showed Angela her reports that due to her head injury she has lost her memory and has no idea of what had happened to her.

“Did somebody come to see me?”

“This hospital is located far away from the city and nobody lives around so I guess nobody knows about your place.”

Angela started to cry as she was feeling helpless. But Adrian gave her hope that everything will be alright and not to worry.

“Where are the other staff and patients?”

“You ask so much miss, Angela and that’s not good for you. You should go to your ward and sleep well.”

To be continued…

Troubled: Part 5

Happy Halloween, everyone. Hope you have a good one. Presenting the last part of story, Troubled.

It was a Halloween night when I decided to perform a seance to call Gina’s spirit. My cook was not home that day as I sent him home to enjoy Halloween. I prepared a cup of black coffee, and everything was ready to start the seance. I was thinking about Gina a lot, she was such a beautiful girl, and she was gone too soon. I know that I have been around spirit all my life, but Gina was a beautiful mystery. I felt some kind of connection to her.

The table was ready and I brought some candles and sat down. I closed my eyes and started to say the mantra. I was having visions and Gina was on those visions. I said that I want to call Gina spirit and I requested her to come and talk to me. And about fifteen minutes, I heard her voice.

“Open your eyes, Taylor.”

“Gina… “

“Why did you call me?”

“What had happened to you? And why you lied to me?”

“I was in a problem.”

“What was your problem?”

“You were my problem.”

“I was your problem, How?”

“The day my dead body came to you, you were the one who examined me.”

“Yeah, that’s right. I just realized.”

“I was kidnapped by somebody and then got killed. I never knew the reason.”

“That’s very awful.”

“The day my dead body came to you, I got attached to you as my blood touch your watch, your grandfather’s watch.”

There were bloodstains on my watch, and I never knew about it because I did not notice it.

“So these are your bloodstains?”

“Yes, and your grandfather told me about you.”

“What? How?”

“I don’t know but you are the one who can help me find out my kidnapper.”

“How can I know that?”

“I do not know. But, he used to scratch his arms every nine minutes.”

And suddenly Gina disappeared and I was thinking about the one who scratches his arm. And it was Theo, the one whom I met and he was scratching his arms. That time I understood that Gina wanted Theo to be punished for the sin, he had made.

Gina was a pure soul and she was unable to punish Theo for his sin, but I was able to and started to collect evidence. Not all spirits are bad, some of them are helpless.

The End

Roses for Rosie

Rosie works as a radio junkie in one of London’s famous radio station. She tells stories and receives calls from random people telling their stories. Alina’s job was quite interesting and fun, and she almost spend the whole day in the office writing new stories and reviewing media’s submitted stories.

One night on a rainy day, when she came back to her apartment and opened the door, she found hundreds of roses. Rosie was surprised to see the roses. Rosie asked the security guard how could somebody enter her apartment. Also, she asked to see the CCTV cameras, but due to heavy rains, the cameras were not working. And there was no recording since the rains started. She got back to her apartment and she knows that those roses were from Jacob.

Rosie left Jacob because he had cheated on her and lied to her almost all time. Then, she has moved to another city, and started to work as junkie. Rosie always loved red roses and Jacob knew that. She was angry that how Jacob knew about her place. Rosie turned on her telephone voice massages as it was wireless. And there was a massage telling her that Jacob died in a car accident today morning. And that news shcoked Roise, and she went to check out the roses. There was a massage from Jacob and he apologized to her for his cheating.

Troubled: Part 4

I was shocked when I knew that Gina was already dead, and she came to me looking for her ex-fiance mystery. I remembered somehow that I was the one who examined Gina when her dead body came to the hospital. The police statement was Gina Barlow was kidnapped the day before her wedding.

And then she was found after six months and she was already dead. Danny who was her fiance said that Gina was disturbed and worried about something before their wedding. But Gina never shared anything about what she was thinking.

I decided to go and meet Gina’s ex-fiance, Danny and Theo. I went to their place and talked to them. Danny said what he has said in the police station, and Theo said that Gina was his college friend. Theo said that Gina was afraid of some dark figure appeared right after she got engaged to Danny.

I got more confused about all that, and I decided to go home and prepare a seance. I wanted to call Gina’s spirit and wanted to find out the reason she came to me.

To be continued…

Awakening : Part 1

There was an old hospital called Hill Hospital, which was l located on a hill place far away from the city. There were a lot of patients getting their treatment. The doctors were very kind and helpful towards their patients. It was an old big building hospital. There was a new patient in the hospital, a beautiful girl named Angela Ruell.

She was in a coma for ten days since she was admitted to the hospital. Angela had an accident that caused her head injury. The doctor who was taking care of Angela was Adrian Chasey, and he was trying his best to save Angela’s life.

The doctors and the other staff of the hospital, they stay all the time in the hospital building. Their bedroom was located on one of the hospital’s top floors. Gordon Creek looked very creepy at night because there was no electricity available at night time, just candles everywhere to lighten up the place in that ruin place. And outside the hospital, there was nothing, no human, and no animals. Nothing at all except a jungle.

At midnight, suddenly Angela woke up terrified after some horrible visions. Anglea’s head was in pain when she woke up. And she was feeling dizzy. She was shocked to see herself in the hospital and the head injury. She had no idea what did happen to her and how she came to the hospital.

To be continued…

Troubled: Part 3

I heard Gina’s story very well, and it was quite confusing and mysterious. She requested and begged me to help her find out the truth. I advised her to go to the police station again and ask for their help. But Gina said that she already went to the police.

The police statement was that number where Gina got the call does not exists. And Danny Skeldon dead body was already found out by them. The call or the caller must be a hoax.

Gina begged me again and this time I could not say sorry to her. She held my hand and her hands were very cold, it was freezing. I was shocked but did not say anything and agreed to help her out.

The next day, when I went to the hospital, I went to check out some old records of Danny Skeldon. But, there were no records about Danny Skeldon. I was kind of confused about it and I have asked and searched about Danny’s records but did not find any.

When I was about to finish my work, one of my co-workers came to me telling me that there was somebody named Danny Skeldon, but he was here to examine his fiance Gina Barlow’s dead body. And that shocked me very much.

I told him how could this be possible, Gina used to come to my apartment asking for help. The co-worker said that Taylor himself who examined Gina’s dead body. And the question was if Gina was dead then why did she come back?

To be continued…

Troubled: Part 2

I invited the girl to come and have a seat inside my apartment. She sat on the sofa, and I went to prepare some coffee. She did not want, but I insisted to have some coffee. She was a very beautiful girl. To be honest, it was my first time looking at a girl by staring at her. She had beautiful silk black hair, middle-parted. A beautiful rosy cheeks, dark black eyelashes, and red lips.

She was wearing a black blazer and black heels. There was a worried and nervous look in her. Something was disturbing her from inside. For a second I had thoughts that I have might seen that girl somewhere before she come to me. I was not sure, but she looked familiar to me.
I brought some warm coffee and told her to start telling her story. She started by saying her name Gina Barlow. She said that around two years ago her ex-fiance, Danny Skeldon got disappeared all of a sudden. And she tried her best to find him out but there was nothing.

The police tried their best to find out but no one knows anything. It was like that Danny just got disappeared with no trace. About a month ago, Gina received a phone call from her ex-fiance, Danny on the day of her engagement with her boyfriend, Theo Peters. Danny told Gina that he was kidnapped and he succeed to escape from the kidnaper.

He asked Gina to come and meet him as soon as possible. Gina was shocked to hear his voice because around seven months ago, the police found out Danny’s dead body in the woods somewhere far from the city. Gina was sure that her ex-fiance was a spirit and not a human, but she had no idea why did he come back all of a sudden after death.

To be continued…

Troubled: Part 1

I am a doctor by profession and my name is Taylor Caldwell. I look after bodies of dead people and examine their bodies, and do tests to find out the cause of death. I have seen many dead peoples in my life, people who died a natural death, and people who died by an accident, suicide, or murder. And many other cases.

I will not say that it is an easy job to see all this every day, but once you get used to it, It will have become a habit. There were a lot of people coming to me crying and screaming in the loss of their beloved ones. This is what life is about that one day, all and each one of us will leave this world forever.

But my story did not finish on that phase only. I do see dead people even after they are dead buried or burned. I could talk and see dead people, I could communicate with them since childhood. My grandfather was a doctor and my father too. I have spent a lot of time with my grandfather when I was a kid. He used to see dead people and can communicate with them. I was blessed or cursed I had no idea of that. But after grandfather, I was the one who had this ability.

My father used to disklike keeping me with my grandfather, but I was very attached to him. In a very short time, I have learned very much from my grandfather about dead people and there were bad and good spirit. After my grandfather’s death, I lost my parents in a car accident too. I was broken but I never felt alone because I can sense some presence around every time.

I lived with my uncle until I completed my studies and became a doctor. Then I moved on and started to live in an apartment alone. Sometimes I did use to help people communicate with their loved ones as my grandfather stories were famous at the time. I never wanted to take that power or ability and convert it into a profession.

I hired a caretaker named Albert to look after my apartment when I am in the hospital because I have a hectic schedule. And there were days that I do not go back to the apartment. One night when I had an emergency case late at night, I could not come home until the next morning.

Albert had told me multiple times that there was a girl who used to come to my apartment many times a day asking for help. I met that girl and I told her that I cannot help her or solve her problem. The girl requested very much and many times and I have said that I cannot help her.

The girl wanted me to find out about her ex-fiance who had gone missing years ago, and now all of a sudden he came back. I have told her that I am a doctor, not a police or a detective who can help. She insisted that her ex-fiance was not human but a spirit.

The girl has requested and begged so many times that I could not say no to her again and again and agreed to help her.

The Last Patron: Part 2

Irene was still receiving calls from Irene, and she was getting angrier. The patron was looking at her, having a lot of questions in his eyes.

“By the way my name is Damien.”

“I am Irene.”

“If you do not mind can I know why you are not answering back to Jacob?”

“He cheated on me. I saw him with another girl. We were engaged for two months and I knew about the other girl.”

“Why do not you leave him?”

“I cannot.”

“Why you cannot, miss Irene?”

“Can you leave your true love?”

“Well, I do not know about true love, but your parents left you as well.”

“What how did you know that?” Irene was shocked,

“I know all about you Irene Smith.”

“What the hell! Who the hell are you? Did Jacob tell you to come?” Irene was angry, and she stood up while Damien grabbed her hand and told her to sit down.

“Calm down, miss Irene. You guess it right but it is not Jacob.”

“What what do you mean?”

“Your temper is very short, miss Irene. Please sit down.”

Irene was kind of angry and confused about Damien as he was very mysterious and dark.

“Who are you and how do you know about me?”

“I know everything about you dear Irene, I was the one who took your parents from you. And maybe your fiance Jacob too.”

“What you started to creep me out, mister.”

“There is good and bad in this whole world. When good happens that means God did it, but when bad happens means the Devil did it. So, what do you think, Irene?”

“I do not know about that and I have no faith in God.”

“And that’s why I am here for you.”

“You are here for me! I did not get.”

“I am the Devil and my name is Damien.” He introduced himself while his eyes were almost red and devilish.

Irene got scared of him and she was about to stand, he grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes until her eyes turned red as Damien.

The End